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Alternative versions of the music player for other operating systems using the Microsoft MSI file

Bytheway Software Development Lab (BSDL)

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Brief Description

The digital music player software was designed specifically for the Honda GoldWing motorcycle and Bike MP3 to minimize problems with improperly loading music and overloading the USB/SD memory device with the incorrect configuration of CD volumes and tracks. Compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems, will not work on Mac.

This software tool allows one to find all of the MP3/WMA songs on their hard drive and provides an easy method for organizing and loading the virtual CDs. The software also provides the ability for you to control the order that the music plays and is determined when populating the memory card.

The only functional difference between the Full Version and the Basic Version is the ability to preview music.  The Media Player version allows the user to "right-click" on a song track and preview the music directly on their computer.  To stop the music simply requires a "right-double-click".   The music play back feature is not functional on Windows98, LINUX running WINE and Apple computer Windows emulators.

You will still need the PASS KEY to unlock the software from WingStuff

Full Version
with Media Player

Recommended for Windows Vista, WindowsXP and Windows 7 operating systems

Filename GL_Audio_media.msi
Version 10 December 2014
Trial Mode Extended through 1 January 2020
Language English
Download Size 4.99 MB (5,233,152 bytes)
Compatibility Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 with sound card drivers and support
Hard Disk Space 8.85 MB (5,095,424 bytes)


Basic version
Media Player

Recommended for Windows98, LINUX and Apple computers running the Microsoft emulator

Filename GL_Audio_basic.msi
Version 10 March 2013
Trial Mode Extended through 1 January 2015
Language English
Download Size 4.98 MB (5,230,080 bytes)
Compatibility Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 98, LINUX (under WINE)
Hard Disk Space 8.05 MB (5,095,424 bytes)


Download Instructions

Select the Download button below and either run it directly and install on your computer or save it to your hard drive for later loading.  The notice that this is from an "Unknown Publisher" is expected, continue to run the application.

Trial Mode

This program is distributed with a trial mode capability in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The trial mode limits the user to 3 songs per CD volume. A passkey is required to unlock full features.

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